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Learn How
Shield Genie Works
Why Shield Genie is the best child safety software availableBUY NOW for $89.95Sales price plus taxShield Genie - Protect your children online

The best parental control software

Shield Genie is the ultimate internet safety net for your children. Quick and easy to install, Shield Genie is user friendly as can be.  Just a few minutes set up and you’ll have peace of mind your family is protected online.



How does Shield Genie work?

Shield Genie combines a comprehensive package of parental controls to shield your child online. You’re in control with a keylogger,  internet filter, porn blocker, Facebook, email , social network, IM  and chat monitoring software all included.

More on how Shield Genie keeps your child safe online

Internet safety tips for your kids

Shield Genie is a great online safety net for your children when you can’t be there. However we don’t pretend that our software, powerful as it is, can take the place of educating your children how to behave safely online.

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